Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Back to Basics and 9 months on!

If any one actually reads this blog I'm apologizing for not blogged in over a month! But after Christmas my head was messed up regarding WW, but here we are week 3 of being back on the wagon. After a 3.5lbs loss the first week, and 0.5lb loss last night, I am embracing WW and realizing that ProPoints is amazing and actually works! 

And back to basics actually works, you know read all the information they get when you first start, look at why you want/need to lose weight, and most importantly: TRACK, EVERYTHING. This is the reason behind successful weight loss. Take last week for example, I went out on the Thursday night, drank copious amounts, hangover day Friday = McDonalds for lunch and Indian for tea = 66 propoints! But before I would not have pointed this, and now I do and I think that is the reason behind the 0.5lb weight loss this week! Even if you've been "naughty" you can still to some extent control your eating. 

So the following photo is the first time I have realised that I have actually lost weight! I think because I see myself everyday I don't realise, and I know I'm in smaller clothes but I always think I'm not "truley" in them as I always used to squeeze into smaller clothes when I was at my heaviest. But here it is in black and white, I am actually smaller. WOW! I am by no means "small" or any where near goal, but I'm getting there, and this photo is the background on my laptop and this is what keeps me going. I can do it. And if anyone reading this is feeling low or feeling like they are going to give up, please don't this plan works, even if at times you feel like throwing the towel in (I've felt this many a time!) Just go back to basics and remember how far you have come so far!

On other topics than WW - uni, it's such a bore at the minute! I am only in 6 hours a week and even this seems like a chore! And I have a massive project in 2 weeks today all about STATS. I HATE STATS. Which is why I am yet to start it.....

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