Saturday, 31 July 2010

3k :)

So I just RAN 3k.. pretty much straight! It took me about 28 minutes and overall I walked for about 4 minutes because I think I would have collapsed otherwise! But for someone who a month ago hadnt run I a pretty proud of myself:)

A long way to go till I'm ready for the 10k run, but I WILL RUN it!

YEY :)
Had a good weekend so far - went down and stayed in Reading for the night with my friend which was reallly fun, went to the cinema to see Eclipse, YUMM JACOB! and went for food aswell, which I was pretty good with my choices:) And one of my other friends is coming up for a couple of nights yey :)


Monday, 26 July 2010

It fitss!!!!

So I've just tried on a dress I wore for my Freshers Christmas Ball in 2009, and at the time it was probably a good size too small for me, but I just tried it on, and not only does it fit well, its a little bit loose on me :D:D:D YEEY!

Haven't blogged in a while, I've been silly busy with work, I'm home for 4 days now though which is nice as I can chill, and catch up with all my friends back home which I'm looking forward to :)

WI tonight - not sure how it's going to be, had a bit of an "iffy" week, but after trying the dress on im not to worried!

YEY :)

love love

Monday, 19 July 2010


WI tongiht I lost 2.5 lbs taking my total to 17.5 :)YEYY
I'm getting to the stage where I want to tell Everyone, and anyone that I am doing WW, and that I've signed up for this 10k run!! :)
Running is getting easier, although tonight it was hard as I'm so tired - I've got home, had cheerios for tea and I'm going to bed before 9.30!! I definately need to get a life!!!


5.45 am!! YUCHHH


The alarm went of at 5.45 this morning as I have work at 7am-3pm in one job and then 4-6 in my other job, it's going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG day:(, and have been working at silly o clock in the morning since friday!! I cannot wait for tomorrow!!

Have a good day:)
Love love

Saturday, 17 July 2010

Gym Time!

Hellooo :)

After a few days running in public, I have decided I HATE it, and therefore tomorrow I will be joining the Gym! Before WW, I would only join the gym as a spur of the moment thing, then regret it when I would have to end up paying for months when I didn't go. This time however, I WANT to go to the gym!!

I am so looking forward to Tuesday, as it will be my first day off since Friday and I wont have to get up at a ridiculous time of the morning! This whole working malarkey is NOT fun!! It's all work and no play at the moment:( As my mum keeps saying " just think of the money!"
I'm hoping for a good WI on Monday after the increased exercise this week, and apart from my one bad day I've eaten really well, so *fingers crossed*.

Lots of Love

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Back on Track :)

I'm back on track today and feeling much better after coming home last night, and going for a run!
In the mood to go for another run today but STUPID RAIN if absolutely throwing it down, and me running normally is not a pretty sight let alone running in the rain!!


Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Bad Day!

I have a feeling this blog is just going to be a ramble of me moaning, as that's the mood I'm in after the day I've had. It hasnt been THE worst day ever, but it's PMT week, which makes everything 10x worse!! I've had problems with my old student accomodation, and student finance, and I just wanted to stay at home with my mum and home comforts, but I had to come back to Bristol to work, as I decided to stay here over the summer and work as home used to make me bored. I am now GREATLY regretting that decision. I know once this week's gone and I'm back to myself everything will be ok, but right now I want to be at home:(

WW has gone totally out of the window today - I just want to eat crap food, and lots of it, which wasn't helped by the fact my lovely mum made homemade welsh cakes this morning. And it's not her fault but I munched my way through a good 3 or 4 of them! arghh, so annoyed with myself.

I'm now fighting the temptation to go home, as it's only an hour away and I have a day off tomorrow after working this evening, but work at 8am on sunday morning would mean getting up at 6, which isn't appealing!!

Hoping a run in a bit will help get rid of some of these emotions and I'll be feeling as positive as I was yesterday.

Lovee Lovee

Tuesday, 13 July 2010


This is my first time blogging so I apologise in advanced if it is totally boring, but after reading fellow WW's blogs I thought it would be a good idea to start one.

This is me:
I'm a 19 year old girl, studying Psychology and Criminology in UWE, Bristol, originally from South Wales.

I once dreamed of being "normal" but what is normal these days? I no longer want to be "normal", I want to be happy within myself. Anyway the idea behind my blog is that I'm on a weight loss journey with weight watchers, that I believe is not a diet, but a change of my lifestyle; down to the way I eat, the relationship I have with food, and the exercise I do. I started this journey on 8/5/2010 and since then I have lost 15lbs. I wouldn't have got this far already if it wasn't for the support and love of my friends and family both at home and in university.

Yesterday after loosing my first stone it put me into a very positive mind set. I now actually believe I can loose this weight and achieve things in life. And I have therefore set my self the challenge of completing the "run10k"( in October of this year. I am the type of person who needs goals to acheive and challenges to complete and therefore I am determined to complete this!!

Running training began this morning when I was up at 7am to go for a run, and actually EXCITED to go. Ok, so the mile almost killed me and I didn't run for the whole mile, but hey it's only day 1!!

At the start of my weight watchers journey I started a personal diary, and in the 3 months since then I can see the difference it's had on the way I feel, even if I can't yet notice the physical weight loss, although others have, and receiving compliments is great:)

So there's my first blog, I am going to aim to write here everyday, as it gives me something to focus on.Sorry if this was utterly boring to read but thanks to everyone who does read this :)