Tuesday, 21 February 2012

This is a marathon not a sprint!

First of all, apologies for not blogging last week, life got the better of me! Any way I'm back and in a lot more control!

My last post was about how the scales isn't everything and that week I failed to take my own advice but after some reassurance from my wonderful friends and family I picked myself up and busted my plateau with a 2.5lb loss last week. This week has been draining; emotionally and physically with work and uni and I've constantly been in a "munchy" mood I did however stay tracking everything and used most of my weeklies so wasn't expecting much at WI today. I was greeted with a 0.5lbs loss which I am happy with. After all it's all in the right direction, and being quite close to goal I can realistically expect big losses every week.

I have this week realised how important exercise is. I hate hate hate the gym, some days when I'm walking there I'm still talking myself out of it and how better off I would be in bed, but afterwards I feel SOOO much better and love it. How does that work?!! One thing I have developed a small liking for is circuits. I've been going for about 6 weeks every Monday (the trainer has even started calling us the regular crew!!) and I feel like I've really had a good workout afterwards. So I'm going to try and go on a Wednesday as well as this will me 2 great workouts plus my usual gym sessions. But I know I don't push myself as hard as the circuit trainers do! I'm rambling on about this here as it means it's out there and I kind of have to stick to the plan!

Today is pancake day!!! YIPEE! Now for the true fatty in me this gets me so excited! And I may over indulge a little bit, but I have every intention to point them and use my weeklies, and I am going to bootcamp and the gym before hand so I will feel like I've earnt them! What will you all be eating in yours?! My and the girls have bought the new chocolate philly to put in ours, I tried a spoonful of it earlier and OMG it is incredible!! 

I'm going to leave you all with these recent photo collages I've just done. 66lbs down:)

<3 xxxxxx

Monday, 6 February 2012

It's not all about the scales....

I'm writing this partly to get this message into my head, and for all of you who may be struggling with the scales as well. 

Since before Christmas I had been going up and down with the same 1 or 2lbs not being able to break my plateau, I managed to break this in the wrong way by putting on weight over Christmas. I lost that and then hit my plateau again! So annoying and disheartening, I'm fed up of having lost 4st 7lbs I want more! Ok I know I shouldn't be so inpatient but it's getting a little tedious now!

From the New Year I'd upped my exercise with classes and being more 
hardcore at the gym and remembering to take my measurements. And tonight I've sort of had a break through! In a month I've lost 12 inches, (most of them from my boobs :( boo hoo!) So I'm not giving up, and will try not cry tomorrow night when I stand on the scales and they haven't moved....

So the message is 
Don't give up. You can do this. 
I must keep telling myself this too!!

Lots of loveee xxxx

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger

The title of this Kelly Clarkson song is my moto at the moment, remembering everything happens for a reason...

Weight Watchers wise I've hit a plateau AGAIN and I've stayed the same for the 2nd week running, which does not go down well. So I'm having an extra concerted effort this week to boost my weight loss again. On the plus side, weight watchers had a media event today, and my leader had asked me to go with her and be interviewed by the local paper about it. However, I was working. GUTTED!!

Today has been a bit of an emotional day for me, put shortly I got myself into a situation that wasn't good, and finally realising it's over is harder than I thought. Previously I would have turned to chocolate to deal with this, but with my new mindset I went to the gym and had a cracking workout and didn't turn to the chocolate! Winner!

I'm off to plan some meals for the rest of the week and go to bed so this shit day can be over!
Love to you all