Tuesday, 23 November 2010

15% !!

After the week I had, I was not looking forward to WW and told me leader I did not want to know the damage I'd done. Before class I had already planned my meals and everything for the week, and then I lost 2lbs!!!! How I managed it I am not to sure, as I didn't track all week, I went out on Saturday night and I had a chinese on Sunday night!!... This was after a McDonald's last Monday, lunch out on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. I could not love WW any more right now!

This week I'm also making a decision to track in my little book, as normally I track on-line but I think it will help if I actually write it down. Which is good because for some silly reason E-source won't let me log in:(

I have so much course work to do for uni this week, and should probably be doing it now instead of sat on the sofa watching Saturday night's x factor! But I'm feeling ill, so I'm allowed?! Well that's my excuse any way!

:)  xxx

A day without laughter is a day wasted <3

Thursday, 18 November 2010

I should be blonde!

So today has been a hilarious/stressful day! My petrol light had been on for a couple of days and I always push it to the last drop, today I pushed it too much and RAN OUT OF PETROL. At a set of traffic lights about 100 yards from the petrol station, in torrential rain! Embarrassing! A phone call to daddy later and after a lot of beeped horns at me, because people are too dull to realise my hazards are on, I got pushed to the petrol station! Never ever again will I go leave my petrol light on! 

I then drove back to Bristol ready for work tomorrow, and came home to a letter from Uni saying I haven't handed in a piece of coursework that I actually have handed in!! ARGH! So I will be paying them a trip tomorrow and be giving them a piece of my mind! 

WW has not been that great this week..... actually it's been pretty much non existent. But I shall be on track for the next 3 days before WI and will go to the gym, and hopefully a miracle will happen!!


A day without laughter is a day wasted <3

Monday, 15 November 2010


So I was a little bit scared about all this new stuff, I don't deal with change well. But I decided to embrace it as it's all based on new science and they wouldn't bring it out if it didn't work with real results. So I stuck to it religiously, my Chinese last night came in under my 49 weekly points and WI revealed a 1lb GAIN! Disappointed would be an understatement! OK so my leader said that it was probably be because I had the Chinese last night and it would take a few days to "go away" kind of thing. SO I'm going to track this week religiously, will move my ass and get to the gym more, and despite writing this whilst eating oreo's, tomorrow morning brings a new start. 

Staying on track this week will be a challenge as I'm at home for a couple of days and being at home is my weakness, but I will do it, I mean I'm going to be at home a lot over Christmas, I need some practise!

I've been a lot happier recently, I don't know why something seems to have changed, I've realised you have one life so may as well live it and don't dwell in all the sh** that happens. I mean I got a parking ticket the other day and was so happy I didn't care I had to fork out £35 for the bugger! but hey ho! 

Also in one of my earlier posts I mentioned someone I really liked but I thought he didn't like me, well I've come to the conclusion I think I like the idea of him... rather than him. If this actually makes sense, it does in my head. Any way I'm moving on to better things... :) 

Tonight after WI, I kind of went to Maccy D's .. whoops it's OK, I have a week to gain it back, I then drove home yey and have been to the cinema with one of my best friends. It was great, we haven't seen each other for like 3 months? and it was great, we saw Paranormal Activity 2... so I won't be sleeping for a few nights, it was a good film even if I did watch most of it through the holes in my scarf!

I love being at home:)


day without laugher is a day wasted <3

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Such a bad WW-er!

I have literally had such a bad week WW wise, but so much fun! I've eaten out 4 times this week, totally didn't choose the good options, but it's been a blast. Tomorrow will have a line drawn and back on track for 3days before WI, in the hope for a STS!

Everything's going quite well atm, apart from the ridiculous amount of Uni work I have to do, with no motivation to do it! I've got a promotion at work, my friends are amazing, I've seen one of my best friends this week who I haven't seen for 2 months, so that was amazing. I've been feeling home sick quite a lot recently, not sure why. But I'm going home in 2 weeks for a couple of nights, so that will be nice! 

Something's though I wish were just simpler. One main thing really, GUYS. Mixed messages, really is there any need for them?! OK so girls give them, but that's fine, were allowed to! I just wish I knew where I stood with a certain someone! Not to much to ask is it?! 

I'm home alone this weekend, which I'm not looking forward too, working quite a bit and will hopefully get quite a lot of Uni work done as well. Fingers crossed!

:) Happy Days xx

A day without laughter is a day wasted <3