Friday, 17 May 2013

A picture speaks a thousand words

Three years ago to this very day I walked into my weight watchers meeting. Stepping on those scales at 16st 12.5 was absolutely mortifying.
I was 18, a first year university student and should have been having the time of my life, don't get me wrong I was, but my weight was holding my back.

3 years on I weight 10st 10lbs, have a heaps more confidence and I'm learning to love who I am.

These three years have taught me it's not all about the number on the scale, it's about the psychological aspect, getting fit, changing your life style habits, surrounding yourself with amazing friends and family.

It hasn't been easy, if I said it had I'd be lying. There's been times I've wanted to throw in the towel, not track my food and just wish I was naturally healthy. But we all know if you want something you've got to work for it. And it's times like these where my fabulous friends and family have been there to remind me just how far I've come. Plus I'm to stubborn to give up! So a massive thank you to everyone, you really are amazing to me and don't know how much I appreciate your support <3 p="">
I think it's safe to say I'm a completely different person to who walked into that school hall 3 years ago.  One of the main things I'm coming to terms with if loving my body, I've worked damn hard for this and yes so I may have loose skin but I can change that. Yes I may have stretch marks, but there a part of who I was, they remind me of where I've come from & where I'm never, ever going back to.

                                                         (cannot believe I've just posted this online: but love your body. You earnt it!)
 I can't believe these photo's are the same person.

 It's hard and it's a struggle, but it's worth it. And to anyone out there who's embarking on their own weight loss journey. Remember to do it for you because you deserve it & you are worth it.

Love as always


  1. Amazing!such an inspiration , well done you! I'll be reaching my three year anniversary in July, crazy how fast it's gone, and how much things have changed!

  2. You're so inspiring, huni. You've done so so well. And well done for posting pictures of you in your underwear. I know it can be scary but you have nothing to worry about. I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. I love following your journey. xxx

  3. Well done, you should be so proud of yourself. As someone at the start it helps to see people who have done it! xx