Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Enjoy running?

Yesterday whilst talking to someone about my upcoming half marathon they asked me if I enjoyed running.

Now this got me thinking. Most days I have to talk myself into going running; an that talk usually takes me a while. Sometimes the little voice in my head telling me I can't run wins, but most of the time the one telling me that it'll be a good idea wins.

Which has made me think I don't necessarily enjoy running - but I do love and enjoy what it gives me.
As well as the obvious gaining exercise points, it tones my legs, gives me more energy, de stresses me as we'll as a whole host of other health benefits.

But most of all it gives me a sense of achievement - I've never been good at anything; and to some I may not be good at running; but I try- I've run a half marathon and will be running another 4 this year. I go out and run even when I don't want to. But crossing that finish line has got me hooked onto that sense of achievement and satisfaction.

So if there's any one out there who's thinking of starting to run I'd recommend it :)

As a treat after weigh in today - of which I lost 2.5lbs I treated myself to some new running gear. Better than food :)

Love as always

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