Monday, 4 February 2013

Week 1 - fully back on the wagon.

This week I've got to say I've fully embraced the plan, more so than I ever have. When I rejoined last week a friend of mine said to me that I seemed more confident than before hand, and I think that's true. The last 6 months or so there has been so much going on in my life that it's been hard to gain focus on my weight.

I'm pretty proud that this week I've pointed and weighed everything that crossed my lips. Haven't deprived myself one little bit. I've been out for dinner twice with friends. The difference this time is that I looked at the menu before hand giving myself a couple of lower pointed choices than I would normally have gone for.

I've also tried changing up my foods a little bit; I tried sweet potato for the first time - how have I not discovered this before?!!

I also realised planning is key. There were many times this week when I was tired after work and just wanted to go to bed knowing I wouldn't get up that extra little bit early in the morning to make breakfast and lunch for work; which would have resulted in me getting a high propoints lunch from work. But I made the effort to make breakfast and lunch for work the night before. Fingers crossed it pays off.

Here's a couple of snippets of my week in pictures.
I would be a lot more excited for WI tomorrow if I wasn't curled up on the sofa in crippling pain with what I suspect is a kidney infection...roll on having to pay £7 for a prescription tomorrow!

I re-organised my fridge...what a difference it makes.

Tried stuffed peppers for the first time. Yummy

I even weighed my cream and chocolate buttons for my hot chocolate....weightwatchters angel and all that!

Dinner at's what weeklies are for!

Ensuring I was prepared for work was key this week.
I even squeezed in a night out this week. Although I dedicated myself as driver so a) I didn't waste points on alcohol and b) so I could get up and run the day after.

And I pushed out a 7.7 mile run....I definatley wouldn't have done that if I'd drunk!

And this is how the week has ended. 27 propoints for day 7. 4 weeklies remaining. 9 activity points earned for the week.

Here's to WI tomorrow....

Lots of love

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  1. A 7 mile run?! Damn; nicely done! I've had a pretty poor week this past week, so I'm doing my best to be more strict with my points adding.

    Jamie at The Zombie Fitness Blog