Tuesday, 14 December 2010

I should really be writing an essay!

So I have a 2000 word essay to write, by Friday and yet I'm sat here watching Crimewatch and blogging!

First of all, apologise for my absence in blogging lately, I've been so busy with uni work and working it's all been a bit hectic.

So.. WW, I lost 2.5lbs this week, taking me to a total of 38.5lbs! which is 2stone 10lbs.. sounds so much doesn't it?! Crazy times. The big loss this week may have had something to do with the fact I spent all day yesterday throwing my guts up( sorry for the detail!) It was slightly self inflicted but still.. Hoping to have another loss this week and then fingers crossed STS over xmas. We shall see!! But it's great people are starting to notice now, and I had my works party on sunday and one of the guys said to me I looked like I'd lost a lot of weight. YEY:)

Talking about the male species... seriously, are they from another planet?!
The one guy I'm blatnetly infactuated with is just so flirty but there's obviously nothing going to happen, I should really get over him but I can't...then the one guy who actually likes me, I blew off because I'm so obsessed with the guy mentioned first. And then there's this guy friend who I've been really good friends with for years, and we always have a bit of a cheeky flirt, and then there's the odd (ok a lot) of drunken texts that go on.. and I sometimes think does he actually want something to happen, because sometimes I think I would like it to happen... but then other times I just think he just wants the flirty side. I give up with males. I really do.

 On a more positive note... here's a photo of my in my dress from Sunday, It's 2 sizes smaller than the one I wore at Christmas last year, and to be honest that was probably a size too small for me but I was in denial.

A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted <3

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