Tuesday, 23 November 2010

15% !!

After the week I had, I was not looking forward to WW and told me leader I did not want to know the damage I'd done. Before class I had already planned my meals and everything for the week, and then I lost 2lbs!!!! How I managed it I am not to sure, as I didn't track all week, I went out on Saturday night and I had a chinese on Sunday night!!... This was after a McDonald's last Monday, lunch out on Tuesday and Wednesday last week. I could not love WW any more right now!

This week I'm also making a decision to track in my little book, as normally I track on-line but I think it will help if I actually write it down. Which is good because for some silly reason E-source won't let me log in:(

I have so much course work to do for uni this week, and should probably be doing it now instead of sat on the sofa watching Saturday night's x factor! But I'm feeling ill, so I'm allowed?! Well that's my excuse any way!

:)  xxx

A day without laughter is a day wasted <3

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