Sunday, 25 November 2012

December Challenge

For those who follow me on twitter you'll know that a while back I asked for some exercises as I was going to create an "exercise advent calender". This year I thought I'd do something different as well as having my chocolate calender, I would do something that would keep me on track. 

As I've been struggling with exercise lately I thought this would be the perfect thing to do. I've thought up 25 (yes even one for Christmas Day!) exercises, or things to do like attend a different exercise class. (I'll post the full list at the bottom of this post for those of you who are interested!) 

I bought this lovely advent calender from a little Christmas shop back home:

I've then got 25 little cards with different challenges on & have also written little quotes on the back as a bit of motivation. I'm hoping this will keep me focused over Christmas, and also help me get back into the exercise routine - especially as it's only 13 weeks till my next half marathon and I haven't run in over 3 weeks!!

The pictures aren't very good but the one on the left is all of the challenges and on the right is the quotes I've written I've cut them out and turned them over and muddled them all up to put into the advent calender so I don't know what challenge is on what day. 

My housemate has also agreed to do the challenge with my so we can keep each other motivated. I'm actually quite excited to get it started now.

Here's the calender in place on my fire:

Does any one else think they might do something to keep themselves on track over Christmas?

The list of challenges I have got over the 25 days are:  (they have all been mixed up -I just like lists!)

1. 3 x 20 Tricep Dips
2. 2 x 10 Burpees
3. Attend an exercise class this week
4. 3 x 20 Bent over rows
5. 3 x 20 leg raises
6. 4 x 25 sit ups
7. 3 x 20 Reverse bridge dips
8. 4 x 25 Overhead Press
9. 4 x 25 Front Lunges
10. 4 x 25 Side Lunges
11. 4 x 25 Jumping Jacks
12. 2 x 10 Mountain Climbers
13.3 x 20 Cross over crunches
14. 4 x 25 Squats
15. 5 K run
16. 4 x 25 Push ups
17. 10 K cycle ride
18. 500m on the rowing machine
19. 4 x 20 Bicep curls
20. 3 x 20 Lateral Rasies
21. 3 x 20 Shoulder press
22. 5 K run
23. 4 x 25 sit ups
24. 2 x 10 Burpees
25. 4 x 25 Push ups

Hope you all have had lovely weekend.
Lots of love
Elle xx


  1. Such a good idea! I will be stealing this one I think!

  2. Brilliant idea! Good luck :)

  3. This is an awesome idea! I could with something similar to keep me motivated through December. Good luck :)


  4. Brilliant idea.
    Got the eating under control but could do with more exercise. Keep up the good work x