Tuesday, 13 November 2012

If hunger isn't the problem; food isn't the solution.

After a really good week on plan, the weekend arrived with a night out and a load of drama and I thought I was going to have un-done all of my hard work. But I am pleased to say I lost 3lbs this week! Bringing my total lost to 5st 12.5lbs! And the exciting thing is I am now 11st exactly and the thought of being in the 10's and this close to goal is just the boost I needed!

I'm still surprised with all the stress and drama of the weekend that I didn't reach for the biscuit tin, I may have indulged in some galaxy - but hey that solves everything doesn't it? But I counted it into my daily calorie's and managed to stay in control! It just shows when you focus on something it does really work. "If hunger isn't the problem; food isn't the solution" Something I need to remember at the moment! I've always been such an emotional eater this is a testing time for me and I am proud of myself for getting through the weekend!

So the 10 week pledge from Where Are My Knees? is well under way with just 6 weeks till Christmas and I have lost 5.5lbs so am on target to achieve it! How exciting!

One thing I am MASSIVELY  struggling with at the moment is exercise. To be completely honest I haven't run in 2 weeks, and haven't been to spin classes for 10 days. I even missed my gym review last week. I don't know why but I just don't feel up to it at the moment, and because I've broken the routine I had gotten myself into it's hard to get back in. I know one reason I'm not going is because I'm so tired but then exercising will help that. Do you have any tips for easing myself back into a routine?

Lots of love



  1. I wish I had some magic words to help get you back into your routine - truth is I'm struggling like mad too! Went to Spin yesterday though (first time in months) and it wasn't anywhere near as bad as I expected. Planning another gym session this evening to keep the momentum rolling and just keep pushing through! I seem to have cracked the food problems recently (and apparently so have you - 3lbs at this stage of the game is fucking INCREDIBLE) so hoping exercise will fall into place now too.

    Sorry to hear there's drama at the moment my lovely - you know where I am if you need an ear!!

    Much love xxxxx


  2. Congratulations on the loss. You've nearly lost 6 stone, now that is AMAZING. Well done. You should be so proud.

    Sorry about the drama. Hope all is OK.

    I'm an emotional eater as well.

    For exercise the best way to get back into it, is just to do it. I find once I get back into it I'm fine. Or maybe you could try a new class at the gym and see if that gets your mojo back?

  3. You are speaking my language at the moment. As hard as it is I agree with Lauren and Nikki you have to just bite the bullet one day. Days off are always good day, or a before work if possible as more motivated.

    Well done on your loss thats great! you are doing so well and should be so proud of yourself. Eeeep the 10's big milestone for you!

    keep your chin up and you know where I am if you need to chat again.


  4. Amazing weight loss chick :)

    Well done you. xxx