Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My Fitness Pal & My Inner Fat Girl

This is going to be a bit of a catch up post due to my lack of blogging recently. I've been in bed by 9.30 most nights (rock and roll!)

Last week you'll have seen the post I'd written about needing a shake up in order to break this plateau I have been in for months. After researching a number of options I've gone for My Fitness Pal, which is basically a calorie counter.

Now I have never counted calories before so this is something that was going to be totally new to me. But that's what excited me. I need something new to get my teeth into in order to shake up the routine I had found myself in.

It is really simple to use, exactly like tracking on the Weight Watchers app, and the database is huge (there's nothing I haven't found on there yet!) So last week I had 6 out of 7 days on track. Due to PMT week I had a massive binge at the weekend, and didn't do any exercise last week. But at WI yesterday I stayed the same. With the goings on of last week I'm OK with this and hoping to have a loss this week.

The thing I like about MFP is that I am much more aware of what I am eating. I'd fallen into habits with weight watchers, and would eat the same thing day in day out, because it was easy & I knew the points value of it. Now with MFP I don;t know the calorie content of everything so it's made me think about what I' eating and how much of it. I feel that I'm eating a lot better, and not for the sake of it. Counting calories in fruit, veg & tea is something I am still getting me head around!

Now this binge at the weekend, I now I could have avoided it, I didn't really need it, but I justified it to myself. My excuses were: I"t's time of the month", I really do need this bag of minstrels (a family size bag) for the drive's only an hour drive, I didn't really need them! "I worked through my lunch break at work" so could have eaten the fruit I had in my bag and made something when I got in, instead I bought a meal deal..and went for the crisps instead of the fruit. Sometime the inner fat girl in me just wins, despite having learnt how to cope with these binges, the person inside that made me over weight in the first place is still in there & sometimes it's just "easier" to revert back to old habit. I mean I could have satisfied my chocolate cravings with a small bag of minstrels, simple things like that which I have learnt over these last couple of years are so easy yet so difficult to put into practice sometimes.
Do you have any tips for staying on track when it's time of the month and all you want is chocolate?!

Exercise this week has also been really bad, I've been ridiculously tired from work and these cold & dark mornings really aren't enticing to get up and go to the gym. Any tips for keeping up the exercise in the winter months?

Where Are My Knees?  10 week pledge isn't going as well as I'd have hoped. I'd pledged to lose 10lbs by Christmas, which was 1lb a week. I've lost 2.5lbs since we started and we are now in week 3 so I'm only a little bit off target. Hoping for a good couple of weeks so I can get there! How are you all getting on with your pledges?

Lots of Love

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  1. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes it's as though you can't control yourself - if you drive to work and generally don't need money it might help not to take your purse or any money and therefore have no opportunity to splurge on things like that.

    I absolutely love my fitness pal especially when at the end of the day you get a 'if every day were like this you'd weigh ** in 5 weeks', it's quite motivational! Good luck with it! :)