Tuesday, 29 January 2013

I'm back!!!!

It clicked this morning; what ever that thing is in your head that tells you it's time.
I got up and stood on the scales as was slightly horrified. I weighed in at 11st 10lbs.

I've re subscribed to Weight Watchers online, I can't get to a regular meeting with my shifts at work & online works. I know weight watchers works; and to be honest don't know why I left in the first place.

I am SO excited about reading about the new 360 approach and getting back into the swing of things. I know the first couple of days are going to be the toughest for me but I can do it!!

I'm going to be tweeting what I eat as well as another way of keeping my eye on it. So feel free to go over and follow me at ElinorGM.

This was breakfast this morning:
5 Propoints of yumminess!

A big thank you for all your encouraging words and support lately!

Much love


  1. You're gonna be awesome :) Tweeting what you eat (tweating?) is a good idea too!

    Jamie at Zombie Fitness