Sunday, 2 February 2014

90 Miles!

So training for the marathon is in full swing now. It is only a mere 10 weeks away. That is actually quite frightening, after today we are into single weekly figures countdown, and single figures is never good. 

January has been the first full month since my plan started ; back in November; that I've completed every run & every cross train session on it. I can feel myself getting stronger, and since introducing sprint intervals it is really helping my pace, which is all good for the 13th April! 

I won't lie it hasn't been easy, there's been days where I haven't wanted to get out and run, days where work has been rubbish and I've just wanted to curl up, days where my head has told me I'm the fat girl who can't run. But thanks to a lovely support group in the form of friends, family & twitter I've got out there. Even those bad runs have made me stronger. 

As we roll into February it leaves just 2 full months of training ahead. Mileage is really starting to pick up now. Starting with today's 13.1 miler. A half marathon. I can't quite believe I ran a half marathon distance, on my own, and didn't stop. I carried on. I hit a wall at 10 miles, which is strange, usually for me its 7-8 miles that I really struggle with. It's the mentality that once you've passed 8 you're on the homeward bound. But at 10 miles today my legs were heavy, I was at a good pace, but they were heavy. A few quick texts & a tweet later I had some motivation behind me to carry on. And the fact that the last 3 miles were all downhill!!! So 2 hrs and 15 minutes I was done. With a 10"22 pace, which at the moment for my long runs is good. Not my quickest half but not my slowest. I then finished the afternoon off by stuffing my face with fish & chips and a chocolate sundae...I'd worked my ass of for it though so it's OK. And I pointed it at a whooping 43 propoints. It was worth every mouthful.

After digressing I'll get round to the title of this post. My January mileage. As I added it up on Thursday I was surprised, so much so I added it up a few times just to make sure. But yes my legs had carried me 90 miles along the 31 days of January. And I'm just the fat girl who's trying to run! 

I can't wait to see what my mileage of February will be & after today's run I'm feeling positive about the training coming up.

Too all of you out there training for a race, whatever the distance, well done & keep going. You are amazing. 
There's always the few miles in a long run that you could easily stop at but push rough.
Running inspiration

Lots of love xxx

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