Monday, 10 February 2014

Feeling the pressure

Yesterday I was due to run 10 miles. The marathon is just 8 weeks and 6 days away. 
If I'm honest I didn't go because I made up excuses. We had friends down for the weekend, it was gale force winds so I would go tomorrow. Tomorrow came and I just haven't got it in me. 
My head is telling me I can't. I know I can do this. My legs can. It's my mind holding me back.

I often get like this after I completed a half marathon, for me at the moment weekly mileage is in unknown territory for me. When you lose weight your body changes but it's hard for your mind to catch up. In my head I'm still the fat girl who won't be able to run a marathon. Even though I can feel my legs getting stronger, I just need my mind to get stronger. 

These next few weeks I'm working nights, which is also causing me to stress out as I'm concerned about how I will fit in running and sleeping. My friend suggested scheduling a time in the afternoon specifically for a run which I will try tomorrow.i shouldn't be moaning, people work nights and train all te time. I guess it's a fear of the unknown. 

The pressure is getting to me this week. The fact I'm running for a charity, so many people believe in me. I don't want to let them down. And after missing yesterday's run I just feel like I've taken a few steps backwards.

A kick up the bum is welcomed from anyone! 

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  1. I absolutely PROMISE you that YOU HAVE IT IN YOU. Mind over matter. When you tell yourself you cant do something, you set yourself up for a harder challenge than it already it. Please don't throw in the towel, I know you are more than capable of not only this marathon, but many many more x

    You have a lot going on at the moment and all you can do is face one of the challenges thats in front of you. In terms of your running, its a 10mile run. My suggestion, get out there and knock it off your To Do list. You'll feel a hell of lot better about everything afterwards. I promise