Friday, 27 August 2010

Crap Mood & Day 2 of Blog Challenge

I'm am so not a morning person, let alone when I'm woken up, and was woken up stupidly early this morning and I'm therefore in a foul mood, particularly due to the lack of sleep as I didn't get to sleep till gone 2... Lovely! A nap will definitely be in order later!!

So Day 2 of the blog challenge - The reason behind your blog name

" The Journey of a Lifestyle Change"
Basically I am totally uncreative and couldn't really think of anything to name it, then I came up with this... Weight Watchers is NOT a diet, it's changing your eating habits, OK so many people may think that is a diet, but a diet is short term/temporary, Weight Watchers is for life. It changes the way you eat, your relationship with food, and how you think and see food. And I am on that journey of changing my lifestyle, my relationship with food. So there we go.. that's how "The journey of a lifestyle change" was developed.


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