Saturday, 28 August 2010

Going Insane & Day 3.

Blog Challenge Day 3.

I have uploaded 2 photos just because I couldn't choose! The top photo is of me and my friends from Uni, a hideous photo but I like it because most of the "uni lot" are in it and it was such a fab night!!
The bottom photo is of me and the girls on my 19th Birthday. I love this photo again just because we are all in it and it was such a good night!

I am going completely insane in that I keep loosing things, well they keep vanishing. I have now lost my camera.. I have turned my house upside down looking for it and my room at uni looking for it and it's vanished!! The annoying thing is, is that it has to be here somewhere because the last place I went and took photo's I've uploaded the photos and haven't had it since. ARGHH so annoying.

WW wise has been and OK week so far, haven't done much exercise in terms of running, but have done a lot more walking (and getting lost in the process!!)


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