Thursday, 4 November 2010

Such a bad WW-er!

I have literally had such a bad week WW wise, but so much fun! I've eaten out 4 times this week, totally didn't choose the good options, but it's been a blast. Tomorrow will have a line drawn and back on track for 3days before WI, in the hope for a STS!

Everything's going quite well atm, apart from the ridiculous amount of Uni work I have to do, with no motivation to do it! I've got a promotion at work, my friends are amazing, I've seen one of my best friends this week who I haven't seen for 2 months, so that was amazing. I've been feeling home sick quite a lot recently, not sure why. But I'm going home in 2 weeks for a couple of nights, so that will be nice! 

Something's though I wish were just simpler. One main thing really, GUYS. Mixed messages, really is there any need for them?! OK so girls give them, but that's fine, were allowed to! I just wish I knew where I stood with a certain someone! Not to much to ask is it?! 

I'm home alone this weekend, which I'm not looking forward too, working quite a bit and will hopefully get quite a lot of Uni work done as well. Fingers crossed!

:) Happy Days xx

A day without laughter is a day wasted <3

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