Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Oh my Goodness

Evening all!

Well WI was last night, but I was supposed to be revising (as I'm meant to be doing now as well!) that I didn't get round to blogging. I lost 5.5lbs! Yup I was just as shocked, so that's my Christmas fat gone and a little bit more which is a great way to start the year!

It sounds so stupid but going back to basics and tracking everything you eat really does make a difference. OK so I made a conscious effort not to eat my weeklies but that's only because I wanted a good loss to start of the year, but I know this week where I've got meals and nights out planned, as long as I track I should hopefully still get a loss!

Exercise is another thing I'm learning to build on our love hate relationship. I love it when I come back from the gym and feel really raring to go but I just hate getting up and going and when I'm there...unless it's Zumba and you just laugh for the whole hour. Any one have any tips on learning to love exercise? I'm loving the results that's for sure.. my legs are all ready feeling more toned after my 5 gym sessions this week!

Any way must dash as I have an exam tomorrow and I've already done everything possibly not to revise!


p.s Check out Olly Murs song "oh my goodness" such a tune :)

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