Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Looking at the bigger picture.

So this week at WI I was (still am) a bit upset with a stay the same, I know it's better than a gain and it is TOTM which I'm blaming seen as I'd tracked religiously, earned 31 exercise points and only used 11 weeklies I was set up for a good loss. Just hopefully it will show next week, just hoping that this doesn't make me lose the motivation I had.

I will however own up to missing Zumba tonight, but after one gym workout today and PMT well and truly here I just wanted to cwtch up on the sofa!

The thing with this journey is as my leader always says "this is a marathon not a sprint" and sometimes that is the difficult thing to get your head around. But looking at pictures like this one make it all worth while. I posted this on my facebook and got an overwhelming amount of comments and likes from a wide range of people that showed me that all these people are supporting you and are proud of you which is a great little confidence booster!
When you see yourself everyday you don't notice the changes that are happening to your body. However with my increased exercising I am noticing that I'm toning up a lot more, although my bingo wings need some serious work on them!!


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