Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Unofficial Weigh In

Evening all!

Well I've moved back to Bristol, stoked my fridge and cupboard full of all healthy goodness, meals planned for the week, and gym sessions planned!

I didn't make weigh in today but I stood on my scaled and they are normally the same as my meeting and it shows a 5lb gain over the festive period. Not as bad as last years 9lbs!! I think walking around London all weekend probably helped that a bit! Hoping to shift a large proportion of that this week ready for my first official weigh in after Christmas next Tuesday.

My first gym session back after Christmas hurt, a lot. I pushed myself, probably a bit more than I should have for my first session in 2 weeks, but hey "no pain no gain". I'm going again tomorrow morning before cracking on with my uni work; which yes is in for Friday and I'm only just starting it! That's one of my new years resolutions failed! At least I'm still blogging!

The new series of Biggest Loser is back tonight, I didn't watch the last one from the beginning but started about 3 weeks in and absolutely loved it! If you've never watched it before I'd highly recommend it: as it does give you a bit of motivation, if not some envy as to how quickly they lose the weight. Yess I know there in the gym for about 10 hours a day but still; because you don't see that I still have this idea in my head that they are losing 10lbs + a week just by the hour in the gym like I do! HA! We can all dream hey?!!


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