Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The guilt of eating.

Have you ever eaten something then instantly regretted it? Or regretted it before you'd even eaten it?
Today I had EXACTLY that.

I'd been Christmas shopping and I'd had cravings for McDonalds all morning. I wasn't going to have one because I felt guilty about having not been 100% on track lately, this wouldn't be good. Yet I found myself at the drive through ordering a Chicken Legend Meal. 1083 calories. But you know what it was damn tasty!!

I'm sat here confessing this to you all, because you know what. It is OK to have slips ups, this is the thing about eating healthily to lose weight rather than being on a diet; you can eat what you want.

The reason I feel so guilty is because I know right from wrong, what is good for me and what isn't. I know that I could have eaten those 1000 odd calories in a much better way for my body; but you know what those cravings weren't going to go away and I probably would have eaten them through chocolate or something else equally as bad for me so in a way curing the cravings was the best thing to do.

This journey has taught me a lot both physically, mentally & psychologically and when I'm not 100% on track the thing that I fear most is letting people down. I have always had bucket fulls of support throughout my journey  through friends, family, Twitter, Facebook & blogging. You can guarantee that there will be someone always there to say exactly what you need to hear at that time to get you back on track. It's like when I tweeted & facebooked this picture a few nights ago; the support was overwhelming and it's not that I am doing this for other people. I can honestly say I'm doing it for me; whether those reasons be to be healthier; to be able to fit into smaller clothes & shop in "normal" shops; this is for me. But everyone has always been so encouraging; the thought of those people being disappointed in me scares me.
I'm sure know one will actually be disappointed in me for eating a McDonalds but I still have that guilt!!

So that's my confession for the day and now I'm going to continue bleaching my flat - it's actually rather therapeutic!

Love as always


  1. You look brillant and you're right, with changing your diet rather than going on a temporary diet there are always going to be slip ups, especially at this time of year and it's ok as long as it's not all the time because that's when eating habits return to a bad state. You should be really proud of all that you've already achieved!

  2. I get a similar craving for McDs every so often, and it's quite rare so I tend to indulge in it. Like you said, if your diet is healthy most of the time then you're okay to be naughty now and again. Besides, from the picture you posted it looks like you're doing nothing but good, so one burger isn't going to hurt :)


  3. I ate 18 points worth of fudge yesterday...ate it...loved it... regretted it...But not going to beat myself up about it. I think we all eat things that we all know aren't good for us... but we are all human and you would have to be super woman to not have any slip ups at all! Seeing as you look amazing and have done so well I wouldn't worry about it!!! xx

  4. A little of what you fancy now and then is good.
    What you're doing long term obviously working as you look stunning. Keep up the fab work and don't beat yourself up over the odd blip x