Sunday, 30 December 2012

Goodbye 2012 .....2013 I'm ready for you!!

With New Year literally around the corner, I thought it would be a good chance to look back on 2012. A year that has been life changing for me in more ways than one. And a chance to write down things I'm excited about in 2013. I'm not one for new years resolutions but there are things I'm excited for!

There are many things I'm proud of myself this year for achieving:
One being; reaching 80lbs lost and nearing my target of reaching goal.

Joining weight watchers honestly changed my life; and this year I learnt that this journey is not only about losing weight & inches; although that is a massive part of it. It's about becoming more comfortable in myself, and becoming a better person. I don't think I was a bad person before but I think by becoming more outgoing and confident it has allowed me to develop as person. 

Another thing I'm proud of in 2012 is graduating from university with a 2:2. I now have letters after my name! How cool is that?! 

A third thing that is probably one of my best achievements of the year is running, and completing Bristol Half Marathon, under my target time of 2 hours 20! I came in at 2:19:41!!! 

There are also other things such as moving into a flat with my best friend, getting a full time job, turning 21, becoming an Aunty for the 2nd time and Hackney Weekend as well as countless nights out with my fabulous friends that have made 2012 unforgettable.

As with most things though I'm looking forward to turning my back on 2012 for some reasons as well. Recently ones that I have realised I shouldn't have wasted my time on. But I'm a great believer in no regrets and that every thing happens for a reason. Everything is a lesson to learn from and the last few months of drama have taught me that not only do I deserve more than people give me; I need to believe in myself more and just enjoy life! 

2013 has lots of exciting things for me: I've got Bath Half Marathon in March as well as Bristol Half Marathon again in September, there's a few potential holidays in the pipeline, hopefully getting to goal - as well as becoming fitter as a person. I've learnt lately that the number on the scales isn't everything but it's about being able to love the body I've achieved. And what ever 2013 gives me I'm sure it'll be exciting and wonderful! 

Do you have anything your proud of over the last year or excited for in 2013?

So Happy New Year to you all:) 
Love as always
Elle xxxx

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  1. Happy New Year Elle
    Good luck for 2013 x