Tuesday, 15 January 2013

No one said it would be easy

On twitter the other day I was having a conversation when someone said " you can't undo a lifetime of self image over night" This is completely true. When I look in the mirror I still see that almost 17st body, rather than the 11st one I have, and the one I've worked damn hard for. But it's so easy to forget where you've come from and focus to much on where you have to go.

If I'm honest I've been plateauing for about 6 months, I've cancelled my weightwatchers membership and changed to myfitnesspal in the hope a shake up would help, it did but now I'm struggling with that, I'm running, but not as much as I should do ( I mean it takes me a good hour to convince myself to go!!) but the biggest issue is my head is not in the game right now. And I'm worried I'm slipping back into bad habits.

I haven't put on any weight I've remained between 11st 2lbs - 11st 4lbs. But I *feel* bigger. How do you go from losing almost 6 stone and then lose all motivation? I mean I can do it and this is only a blip but sometimes I think maybe I'm not destined to get to goal?

Thinking a kick up the ass is just what I need - so if any of you have a magic wand or a very strong right kick that would be fabulous!

Much love


  1. Here is a massive kick coming your way... did you feel it...???!!!! You have lost 6 stone...6 freaking stone...that's 38 kilos...84lbs... or 38101 grams!!! You have lost a huge amount of weight and it has only been yourself that got you there...even if you had help you had to decide to ask and take the help... maintaining is just as hard as losing.. now you are getting closer to your ultimate weight it will be harder to get the lbs off... but you will get there... ok you haven't lost anything for 6 months...but that is fine... how long did it take you to lose the 6 stone in the first place?! I know I have been doing this for nearly a year and sometimes wish I could just for a week go without having to count and watch all the time..so if I ever lost 6 stone I bet I would be gagging for a holiday! Realize what you have achieved and just go to the gym more often...join some classes and enjoy using and feeling the NEW body you have. If your mind isn't in it you won't succeed as your not 100% there... but find other ways to love your body! My ultimate goal is 11st9 and I feel very far away from it at the moment... you have achieved it...my best advice is to go and buy the weight you have lost in flour... hold all the bags of flour and realise what you have lost.. I did it at 26lbs lost and felt amazing! Good Luck and enjoy the body you now have... you must have worked so hard to get it!

  2. You've done a fantastic job, Elinor, so don't fret if you're plateauing at the moment. If you want a kick up the arse to keep you motivated, you could sign up to a fun run or something like that. The deadline would keep you focussed on that goal so you'll have the motivation to keep training (it worked for me with the Cardiff 5k).

    I'm on MyFitnessPal too. I'm 'mithrilwisdom' on there should you want to connect :)