Monday, 8 October 2012


I'm not going to write this post preaching that I'm an exercise lover and can't wait to go to the gym and that you should all do it. Too be honest most of the time I hate going and it usually takes me a good half an hour to convince myself to go; but once I've gone I feel so much better! And running which I kind of enjoy has proven to be rather therapeutic so much to the point that I ran a half marathon! 

It's pretty common knowledge that exercise goes hand in hand with weight loss. Going to the gym takes a lot of balls when you're almost 17st like I once was; the fear of walking in to all these fit bodies in their Lycra outfits not sweating a bit. Yeah that's not what it's like at all but what I used to and still do sometimes think that's what it's going to be like! 

When you actually go in everyone is too caught up in their own workouts to care who has just walked through the door; unless like me you like to look for a bit of eye candy ;) 

The same can be said for exercise classes, walking through the door into a small studio full of all the keen beans at the front raring to go in their professional gear; the people at the back hiding so they don't have to see themselves in the mirror; which is exactly where you want to be; placed in the back corner so no body knows you're new and have no idea what you are doing but there's no where else to go apart from in the middle where everyone can see your ass wiggle! 

I've been going to spin recently; which as hideous as it sometime is; it's actually really fun (sort of!) and really good for you! I even go to 7am classes now which for someone who is absolutely in love with their bed is a major achievement (it may have something to do with the rather fit gym instructor!). I go by myself and all though I plucked up the courage to go, the first time I went I was terrified; I now even talk to people there every week & have the same bike like all the other "regulars"! I still want to go to something different though; maybe something like body pump or aerobics but I'm still a bit wary about going on my own. I've booked an aerobics class for Wednesday so hopefully I won't get hounded by the keen beans and I'll come out alive! A friend from work goes to the same gym about me so we are planning on organising some gym sessions together as a bit of motivation for each other. The good thing about going on your own I find is that it allows you some "me" time; time to think & reflect about where you are on your journey; how far you've come; or even what you're going to have for dinner like I regularly do ;) 

Do any of you have a gym buddy or prefer going by yourself? Or even have any tips for getting over the fear of going to classes by yourself?

Elle xx


  1. I have such a big fear about going to classes. I've moved to a new gym closer to home and been going for gym sessions but really want to get courage for spin classes. You should be really proud of yourself for doing half marathon and how far you have come
    S xx

  2. You are amazing! 7am is painful! Well done!