Saturday, 6 October 2012

Coming out of hibernation

Wow, I can't believe it's been 9 months since I've last blogged. I've always thought I need to get back into it as it keeps me on track in a weird way; even if no one reads this I think I've got people that I have to report back to & therefore I'm less likely to eat the bar of galaxy (like I have done tonight; although I did point it!) And after something potentially exciting that I was asked about tonight; I thought now was the time. As the saying goes "there's no time like the present". Plus I'd run out of galaxy ;) I wish I could say I've done something exciting in that time like have a baby (actually that wouldn't be exciting for me the thought of giving birth makes me want to cross my legs so tight it hurts!)

So this is going to be my touching base post with many more to follow over the foreseeable future.

I'm now officially a graduate with a 2:2 BA (hons) Psychology and Criminology. That doesn't mean I have any clue of the direction I'm going in with life. I'm at the 80lbs lost mark with Weight Watchers (will touch more on this later). I've just run the Bristol Half Marathon (again a later blog will cover this). Living as a "grown -up" with my housemate in Bristol, working full time. 

So with a new look & needing some new focus, I'm back blogging! Enjoy

Elle xx

Here's a recent photo update of my weightloss

*it's choice not chance that determines your destiny*


  1. YAAAAAY welcome back to the blogging world, I've changed mine so many times in last year but its always been helpful to keep posting. Good luck and cant wait to see your posts on weight loss and half marathon :) xx

  2. You look absolutey amazing!!!!! Amazing! Wow xx

  3. Amazing weight loss!!! huge congrats!