Saturday, 11 September 2010

I'm back

Yes I am 100 % back on track! My mind set has changed, I have motivation again!
I am currently in the process of making meal and exercise plans for the week, and also little goals and little rewards for when I reach them! I have also decided at WI on Monday I will get weighed but I don't want to know the results, as I think it will be another gain.

I plan on walking to and from work tomorrow - which is about 40 minutes each way, I am then joining the gym again on Monday and will get back into my running as my 10k run is only 5 weeks away!! I am loving my motivation.

I have also realised I need routine and plans in my life, and this will be key to my weight loss!

Blog Challenge -
OK so I missed day 16(yesterday) which was " Another photo of yourself"
So it is at the top, as per usual, because I can't move it!

This photo is of me last month, and although I have about 3 chins, I love it as I just look so happy and I can see around my neck that I have lost weight here. :)

Day 17 -Someone you would want to switch lives with for a day and why.

This is quite a hard one, I don't really know... I thought about a fly.. just so I could see what people get up to behind closed doors, and then I thought about a "skinny person" just to see what it feels like.. but I don't need to as one day in the near future I will be a "skinny person"... So I have come to a conclusion I would want to swop places with The President.. I'm not really that interesting in politics.. mainly because I don't understand them, but I figured it would be quite cool!!!

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