Monday, 27 September 2010

It's been a while, but I am most definitely back

So everything was going so well, and then it all went wrong. How? I have no idea, I'd lost all motivation and ambition I had, was ready to throw in the towel, which we all know would have ended in me putting the 27lbs back on that I have lost so far. This last month has been a tough on in terms of WW, with a 2.5lbs gain, I couldn't seem to find my routine again to loose it or WANT to loose it. At one time I remember thinking I didn't want to be doing this any more, life would be so much easier if I went back to the way it was. But would it really? No it would, what is life without challenges?...We have to over come these hurdles to make us stronger. I'm glad to say I've got over this little BLIP and am very much back on form... for now!!

I am back at uni, and it has just been freshers week, I stocked up on WW Wine (which is quite disgusting - but not too bad with diet lemonade) I believe this was my saviour! I tried to point as much as I could, and I think the dancing had a benefit as well! I re-joined the gym, although hadn't managed to go until today, due to having to have an induction - and the fact I was pretty much hungover or drunk last week I wouldn't have been in a fit state!

And the result of WI tonight... THREE AND A HALF LBS OFF! How did I do that? I honestly have no freaking idea, but if I did, I think it could make me quite rich! It was definately what I needed, at the right time! I am now under the next stone bracket, so have lost a point of my daily allowance and I'm now in the 14's... still a long way to go... but my little goals are getting me there. I have the motivation I did back on the 17th May when I joined. I am currently 1lb off loosing my stone, and I'm hoping I will do that this week!

Uni is going great too, only my first day back so far, but I'm weirdly enjoying 2nd year... strange! I plan to actually do some work this year seen as it counts!

I'm hoping to be blogging a lot more now I'm 100% back, as it helps me an enormous amount... even if I am just rambling on to myself!


p.s I have currently lost the weight of a koala bear!

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