Sunday, 5 September 2010


So having not run for a couple of day, I went today and did 3.5k seen as I realised my 10k run is in SIX, yes SIX weeks. That really isn't long at all. UH OH! I also realised a lot of running further is psychological. I had planned to do 5k, I told myself I couldn't but I would push myself and do 4k, I am then comfortable around the 3/3.5k mark and that is what I did. This is nor going to help my training at all!! So tomorrow I WILL PUSH MYSELF!!!

Day 11- Another photo of you and your friends.

Ok so the photo's are STILL at the top of the page because I need a technology geek to come and explain it to me how to move them!
This photo was taken on Wednesday, which was such a good night - a lot of alcohol was consumed and that was even before we got on the bus to go to Cardiff! My friend from Uni was down which was great for her to meet all the girls and Rach had her friend from Luff down so was a lovely night!!

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